Zoe finally got her chance to cuddle after being jealous of Buddy. She prefers to lick your ear and sneak in french kisses. Beware the frenching dog!

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We have a new dog, Buddy. He’s an 8 yr old male. Zoe and he have been trying to decide which one is dominant. It’s hilarious to watch, but now Zoe thinks she needs to hump Buddy.

those are my legs under Zoe

made it to Vegas. 80 degrees and Zoe is ready to get out of the car

HUNTINGTON BEACH – Soccer Collies has grown by six.

Border collie “Keeper” had six puppies Tuesday.

Owner and coach, Mark Lukas, said he plans to train the puppies to play soccer and may sell them.

The mother is the goalie of a four-dog team that can dribble the ball with their noses and paws, shoot with their shoulders, and catch the ball in the air with their teeth and paws. The Soccer Collies were featured at a Radio Disney convention in Florida and have become a favorite at birthday parties.

The father, “Beck,” is another member of the Soccer Collies and plays offense.

I could totally teach Zoe how to do this. OK, maybe I couldn’t teach her, but she could totally learn. You can read the whole article here

She’s doing much better now. She has energy (not the whopping amount that we are used to), but at least she has an interest in life again. And scrounging. No more vomiting and Tim said she had a clean crate this morning. Next on the list … a bland diet till the runny poops stop.

Zoe has parvo. 😦 Right now I’m at the vet debating whether to admit her or do outpatient care. I brought along a friend who just saved me $1200 by asking the right questions, so I’m probably going to do outpatient. Zoe is so lethargic … It’s heartbreaking. The vet thinks she’ll recover fine since she’s older and larger.

They just took her blood to do some tests, it looked like sludge. Eye crusties, red eyes, sitting in her own bloody diarrhea this morning… I hope we’re starting treatment in time.

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