This is how I was introduced to the team and a few others 🙂 Content written by me at the behest of my boss.

My most recent job was part of a CMS transition team for Union Bank of California. I started out doing data entry and evolved into Content Coordinator/IT Liaison, with a little project management and troubleshooting thrown in for fun. The site launched ahead of schedule and under-budget. Prior to that I was mainly stay-at-home mom, running a successful in-home daycare and then doing customer service. I have been involved in online content in one way or another since 1998. I’m excited to be here and surprised at how well my youngest child’s interest in Disney Channel is helping me get up to speed with everything DOL has to offer.

Today’s schedule included a busy morning followed by a not so busy afternoon. Arrived at 9:15, went over the deployment schedule, then off to a 10:00 meeting to discuss upcoming shows, promos, etc. Keep an eye out, there’s a fairly entertaining “interstitial” coming soon, (an example is the 3 minute Game Show).

I got to meet more Producers and team members and get a better grasp of how large this department is. My boss is awesome to talk to and bounce ideas off of, so we had a good conversation covering the meeting where I could ask clarifying questions. Then we delved into our personal lives, get-to-know-you type stuff while waiting for two more producers. Then the fun.


Yes, I was stoked 🙂 It’s almost as good as being at the ““. The food rocked. The conversation was stimulating (and I learned something about and ) and overall one of the best “working lunches” I have ever had. Thank you Mr. Mouse.

Then back to the NoHo campus where my cube and computer were finally set up. I have the most gorgeous Dell screen. I think it’s a 22″, maybe 24″. And a laptop, which I will probably start using next week.

Overall, a very good second day of work.


yeah, I got notice. This is kind of how I felt even though I was expecting it.

I can't be productive eve when i want to be. that pic says "the security log on this sytem is full. only administrators can log on to fix the problem".

I now have at minimum a 10 minute hold time for the IT help desk. at least it's nice classical music.

Please Man <– take a listen 🙂 (that country+rap/reggae I mentioned in a tweet)

I finally got a hold of some Cowboy Troy, so I’ll be listening to that today too. I made some mixed CD’s and brought them to work. “American Idol” (Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Lewis, Jordin Sparks, Daughtry) and “Country Mix” (MuzicMafia members, Dixie Chicks, and Rascal Flatts).

And here I am chair dancing (“son of a ‘Bad Word'” ) and working on documentation. Yeah baby, I do it all. Coding, troubleshooting, writing documentation, and training. Plus I can chair dance and type at the same time. So why am I still a contractor?

Ok, this is weird, now I am typing to the Beat of Rollin’ “go cowboy go” … profile

So last night I got a call that I wouldn’t have to work for the rest of the week because the team I was on finished enough work for almost 2 weeks. What can I say? We rock :)  I got a call today … they want me to come in tomorrow to get trained on Vignette! And the kicker … to come in as a temp-to-hire!!! WOOT!!!! OK, so I don’t get an extra long weekend as hoped (what can I say, I like sleeping in) but I now have a job for at least 3-6 months and possibly longer. I am one happy camper, who has to go to bed early.

Now I should be able to afford to go see Wicked, even without a date 😉

All this week I have been trying to get up early in preparation for work on Monday. It ain’ happening. My body refuses to get up before 8, though today it was 9. It’s like my brain can’t function with less than 8 hours, so I guess the first thing is to make sure that I get 8 hours.

I am sooo screwed.

The interview went really well! And I am so glad to be in CA. Went 80+ down the freeway because I left a little late. Got there just a few minutes late due to making a wrong turn. Huntington Beach is nice, and pretty close considering. I think I will take Zoe to the dog beach there this weekend. She needs to run.

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