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Joy REALLY likes pink. And can apparently feed herself in her sleep. She's wearing her new pink hoodie and also pinked out … er picked out a matching t-shirt and sweatpants, all of which had to be LIGHT pink, not hot pink, not fuschia, not any other shade than that pale pastel pink.

Can we say "Diva"?

Mozilla Labs » Blog Archive » Introducing Ubiquity: “It Doesn’t Have to be This Way

You’re writing an email to invite a friend to meet at a local San Francisco restaurant that neither of you has been to. You’d like to include a map. Today, this involves the disjointed tasks of message composition on a web-mail service, mapping the address on a map site, searching for reviews on the restaurant on a search engine, and finally copying all links into the message being composed. This familiar sequence is an awful lot of clicking, typing, searching, copying, and pasting in order to do a very simple task. And you haven’t even really sent a map or useful reviews—only links to them.

This kind of clunky, time-consuming interaction is common on the Web. Mashups help in some cases but they are static, require Web development skills, and are largely site-centric rather than user-centric.

It’s even worse on mobile devices, where limited capability and fidelity makes this onerous or nearly impossible.

Most people do not have an easy way to manage the vast resources of the Web to simplify their task at hand. For the most part they are left trundling between web sites, performing common tasks resulting in frustration and wasted time.
Enter Ubiquity”

Aw sh!t you're kidding me!

headline : woman kills man over cake

daphne got me a cake that was supposed to say "Nanner 32" the bakery messed up. then she's bringing it to the bookclub and the guy in front of her slams on his brakes, she did the mom thing but didn't catch it in time. tabbie fixed the frosting as best she could 🙂 but OMFG it's chocolate and soooo good!


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