Latest game posted on Twitpic. This is just one of the several games I am playing.


289 to 263 <– I won. I’ll have to post the other games in the series too. I lost like 2 in a row, but had won the first one. It’s getting interesting.

This was a pretty interesting game. And spread out.

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have you noticed that I only post my wins and not my losses? hehehehehe


This was one of the closest games I have ever played. But the stakes were pretty high.

This is the lowest I’ve scored in a while I think. I was really hoping to get a bingo on my last turn as I used up all of my tiles. Alas, there weren’t 7 tiles.

Ok, who’s got next?


If you have a Scrabulous game with me, the site is back up! Find that email! Let’s get our fix 🙂

However, I haven’t been able to start any new games, so that functionality is still down.

YAY! for diversions.

FINALLY I win one.

———- Forwarded message ———-
Hello Nette,

The game being played by Nette,Jes is now over.
You have won game with 252 points!
Second place goes to Jes with 188 points.

To view the board CLICK HERE