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Zoe finally got her chance to cuddle after being jealous of Buddy. She prefers to lick your ear and sneak in french kisses. Beware the frenching dog!

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Cherries! advertised at 99 cents but I bought a $3 basket of white cherries. Yummy! sweet and delicious and slightly chilled. this is also the first time i've ever had white cherries.

i picked this up at rossmoor pastries ( on the way home from a re-scheduled interview. incredibly, delightfully, sinfully delicious! and that's my chocolate fix for the day.

those are my legs under Zoe

I can't be productive eve when i want to be. that pic says "the security log on this sytem is full. only administrators can log on to fix the problem".

I now have at minimum a 10 minute hold time for the IT help desk. at least it's nice classical music.

finally she settles down for 30 seconds!!! Joy is soooo getting a bath tonight.

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