Ok, so he wasn’t in a window. He was at the pound. Or as they are called today, the spcaLA. We looked at some Chihuahua mixes at the Seal Beach Animal Shelter, but they didn’t like Josh. Well, the one that I liked and that got along with Zoe didn’t like Josh. We visited Buddy a few times at the spcaLA shelter, first me and Josh, then Joy, Zoe, me and Josh. We kind of did it backwards, but not our fault! They were incredibly busy, short-staffed, and hence a little disorganized. But anyway! I wish I had taken pictures of Zoe and Buddy’s first introduction. They played really well together, and for an old man, he certainly can keep up with the young pup. The staff seemed fairly impressed at how well everyone, kids included, got along. And so, we brought him home. 

Jensen - a terrier mixJosh was a little disappointed that we didn’t get the terrier mix that he wanted , but I think he’s adjusted to life with Buddy, a much quieter and cuddlier dog than Zoe.  So if you think Jensen there is a cutie, he’s still available, waiting for a forever home.





Advantages to adopting an older dog:

  • Really likes to cuddle without being in your face
  • Already house and crate trained
  • Calmer
  • Can teach younger dogs a thing or 2.


  • gets a little grumpy when he doesn’t want to play anymore
  • likes to pee on EVERYTHING while on a walk, though that might be because he’s male
  • Humps Zoe constantly, though we finally realized that she can hold her own and it’s a dominance thing

joy showed an interest in developing a green thumb and i got about 15lbs of fruit which my children will devour post-haste. and i stayed within budget! the star of Bethlehem flowers were the most expensive, well and the 2lbs of cherries.

This is Joy’s new look. Officially. My daughter has to wear glasses, she’s farsighted (dad’s side! Everyone on my side is near-sighted). But hey she wanted to look like Mommy, she picked the frames (first choice too), but … we all like them and she can see now. 🙂 And for anyone who knows me and remembers, I had a thing for tortoiseshell glasses for the longest time too. But I don’t think Joy has seen those, but the shape of these are definitely something I have worn over the years.

Yesterday we got manicures and pedicures with my friend Susan. 14 years since we’ve seen each other!!! It was fairly relaxing, I want to do it again without the distraction of kids. So hard to talk about some things when there are impressionable ears around. And now to … walk the dog, help Josh study for finals and write my paper for my final. I need a few more free days…

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Joy and Ro. Ro rocks when it comes to cutting curly hair and Joy behaved BEAUTIFULLY for her.


Joy’s been asking for a haircut for almost a year now. being my baby and having such gorgeous, curly, soft hair I wasn’t too keen on it. But, I know what it’s like to be tender-headed and have tangles that take FOREVA to get out, so I thought shoulder-length would be OK.



My hyperactive child sat perfectly still while she got her hair done.


The finished product!!!  Joy has a natural side part and one side is fluffier (thicker/fuller) than the other already, but Joy liked it. Later in the day we bought some hair things, so now she can wear a ponytail that she does herself, and headbands. She was so happy to be able to brush all the way through her hair with no tangles.


Yup, that’s all hers. Not quite as much as when Josh gets a haircut, but her hair isn’t that thick yet.

Joy and I went to the Aquarium about a month ago. Had a lot of fun touching manta rays and little sharks (didn’t know they were related, did ya?), seeing Dory like fish (just keep swimming, just keep swimming), and enjoying the crowds. There was a special event that day. I hope to go again when it’s less crowded.

And of course, Joy had to add another member to her stuffed animal collection …

Man, I spoil that girl.

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