Grand Junction


safe and sound if sore and tired. Got back in at 5AM. 5 states in 2 days. California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. And the scenery was so awesome I want to do some parts of it again.


reminds me a lot of fall in Oregon right now. Though oddly enough the air smells and feels different. Must be the 6000 ft. elevation. I'm ready to hit the road since I didn't plan on more than dropping my brother and his stuff off.


and no, i didn't catch their names


this one liked me, the other one didn't

(BTW, this is Hobie, a mini shar-pei)


for some reason this is my favorite road sign. i bet a smile starts when you try to say it out loud. 😉

There is nothing in the world like the clean smell of the world after it rains in the desert. the temp is barely 60 in the sun, the elevation between 3000-4000 feet, and the sky a particular shade of blue that I have only seen in the desert …. my soul is being refreshed. i love this smell . 30 minutes to Barstow.

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