i picked this up at rossmoor pastries ( on the way home from a re-scheduled interview. incredibly, delightfully, sinfully delicious! and that's my chocolate fix for the day.


joy showed an interest in developing a green thumb and i got about 15lbs of fruit which my children will devour post-haste. and i stayed within budget! the star of Bethlehem flowers were the most expensive, well and the 2lbs of cherries.

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It was a Healthy Choice new steamer meal. Beef in whiskey sauce. Tasty, but I would have liked a little more. That is indeed the amount in the bowl before I took my first bite.

New ladies’ vodka gives doctors a headache | Oddly Enough | Reuters: “‘Women need a drink of their own,’ said Volodin, sitting next to an array of his ‘Ladies’ vodkas, which comes in lime, vanilla and almond flavors, or just straight for cocktails.

‘In Moscow, there are pink taxis for ladies, there are light cigarettes,’ he said. ‘But there was no vodka, and we asked ourselves: ‘Why?’ … More people suffer from diabetes in Russia than from alcoholism, but no one bans chocolate advertisements.'”

I wouldn’t mind trying some of these flavors. I LOVE the Absolut flavored vodkas. But I can see the concern about the marketing tactics.

Welcome to Trader Joe's – Your Neighborhood Grocery Store – Products

Peppermint Joe Joe Cheesecake

Peppermint Joe Joe Cheesecake
Last holiday season, our Candy Cane Joe Joe Cookies were a big hit. Huge. (They are coming back, but not just yet…) Your fervent interest in these treats inspired the creation of something awesome and brand new, our Peppermint Joe Joe Cheesecake! We've taken a traditional cheesecake and added natural mint extract and pieces of our Peppermint Joe Joe's to the filling. Then (as if it needs more goodness) we put it in a crust made of crushed, crunchy Candy Cane Joe Joe's. Oh, yes we did. We're selling each 18 oz. box of this creamy, minty, delightful Peppermint Joe Joe Cheesecake in our freezer case for only $5.99. It serves eight. Or one, if you're not of the mind to share. And who could blame you? (Not us…not us).

From Pegs to me. They are cute

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Food Porn: Knit some cupcakes


knitwear cupcakes
Yes, I know it's a little early in the day to be serving up things as sweet as cupcakes, but how could you resist gazing upon these absolute wonders in marzipan?

Food blog VeganYumYum was off to a Bon Voyage Knitting party, so very appropriately made cupcakes festooned with tiny marzipan knitwear. I am amazed at the colors and the detail down to the threads! Of course, had VeganYumYum actually knit the marzipan yarn into tiny sweaters, I'd have fallen out of desk chair!

Want to give it a go yourself? There's a pic-tutorial.

… is finally open in Hillsboro! Woot!! I went on Saturday with the kids who for the first time in recent memory were GOOD on a shopping trip. I usually try to go by myself as often as possible. Now, being the frugal shopper that I am, I haven’t shopped at TJ’s for my family of 4. It get kinda spendy. But we picked up some Joe’s O’s, Joy gobbled down some organic peanut butter cereal, Zoe is not so big on the pig ears (she apparently prefers show leather), and Josh just went super happy because he remembers it as the first place I ever bought Hansen’s. And their gummy vites are cheaper than the grocery store so I got generous and got the kids their own bottles. No fighting! yay! And even though we can get it at WinCo, he picked up a bumch for his lunches. And did I mention the salsa? Their demo was their salsa and chips. The only thing missing was the fruit cart outside selling perfect avocados *sigh* but .. avocados don’t exactly grow well in the Pacific Northwest. I’ll probably be shopping there more often. My only disappointment is that I could have swore that some of my fave TJ’s food … like perogies … came in bigger packages (more food). But things change. Oh yeah, that’s it. The freezer section wasn’t as big.

*sigh*, time to get ready for work